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Government reportedly lists 42 Chinese apps as dangerous, including TrueCaller, UC Browser, Mi Store: Check if your phone has any of them

India has reportedly listed 42 mobile apps that have the potential to carry out a cyber-attack against the country.

Find your Stolen Mobile or Lost Phone in India Using IMEI Number Through CEIR

One of the most troublesome things ever anyone can go through is losing their phones. In a time where we are basically living our lives through our screens, and we depend on so much on our phones for day to day usage, losing our phones is nothing but a nightmare. However, it is not a perfect world out there, and it is a reality that in some point of our lives, as painful as it might sound, we might lose our phones. Or, come across someone in our family or friends, who could have lost their phone. Now, there are measures to safeguard against this loss, against your phone being damaged, lost or stolen via insurances, but they are a different hassle. But, there is a new way using which you can locate your phone, and this is unlike all the other ways available out there using which you have been trying to locate your phone. Using this new method launched by the Government of

India called the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR), the users who have lost their phone will be able to check the location of their device.

Why WhatsApp Will Not Trace Origin of Messages in India

As experts demand Facebook-owned WhatsApp to disclose information about where a message in question has originated from, the company has reiterated that such proposed changes are overboard and are not consistent with the strong privacy protections that are important to people. WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption by default which means only the sender and the recipient can see the messages in circulation — not even WhatsApp.

Ransomware Creating Havoc Worldwide by Exploiting Patched Windows Exploit ! #WannaCry

Ransomware are causing major disruptions in recent years.

Recently leaked dump of NSA EternalBlue exploit is used by cybercriminals to spread WannaCry ransomware worldwide. Dump of MS-17-010 Windows OS Vulnerability was made public by the notorious Shadow Broker group on 14th April, 2017. This vulnerability affects most of the desktop and server editions Microsoft Windows and Microsoft has released patch for the same in March, 2017. However, systems that have not applied this patch are affected by the WannaCry ransomware which uses wormlike behavior to affect vulnerable system on the network.

Motorola XT1543 Moto G 3rd Gen Dual SIM Review

Motorola XT1543 is a mid-range Android smartphone with great camera and 4G LTE connectivity. It’s packed with a 5.0-inch multi-touch display that has a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels – that converts to a pixel density of 293.7 pixels per inch. It’s protected against scratch by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Security Report Of Top 100 Mobile Banking Apps

With emergence of mobile app banking, the medium of transactions may have changed but customers’ trust & expectation of security from banks remains unchanged.

#WhatsApp Is Now Available on the #Web #Internet

If your bored of chatting in Mobiles. Whatsapp is available on your Desktop or Laptop Browser.
The new web client basically mirrors the app on your phone onto the web site. To use it, you need to head to the WhatsApp, scan a QR code with the WhatsApp mobile app, then get to typing your messages from there. Right now, the web app's only compatible with Google Chrome in combination with the Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry version of the mobile app. iOS compatibility isn't on the way for now.