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Android Smartphone RAM with RAM Manager Pro

When it comes to RAM optimization there are lots of options, a Computer user can use. But when it comes to Android smartphone RAM optimization, there’s only are only few options. Either choose a good Android smartphone with a powerful RAM and best of other hardware or root your Android smartphone and give a boost to your Android smartphone RAM with the Android App RAM Manager Pro.

RAM Manager Pro is a simple to use Android app which provides us the features to give a boost to your Android smartphone RAM. This is the Android app which can be used to get the most out of your Android smartphone. Here’s are some listings what this Android app do  to your Android smartphone RAM, actually it provides few features from which users can choose to juice out the desired performance under different circumstances.

Here Are Those Features You Can Choose To Boost Android RAM

  • Balance – Use this option to get the most out of your Android smartphone RAM in day-to-day use.
  • Balance(with more free memory) – If you are using RAM less than 512MB then this is the right option for you to choose for daily use.
  • Balance(with more multi-tasking) – If you are a used who like to work on few Android apps simultaneously, than this is the suitable option for you.
  • Hard Gaming – Great option for hardcode gamers to smoothen the graphics and overall gaming experience.
  • Hard-Multitasking – Heavy users busy with few RAM hogging apps at the same time, choose this option to get the best performance out of your smartphone RAM.
Now all these settings do changes some of your preferences and settings, so to set them back to default, users can do that with a single click. This Android app has some in-built options upon choosing which it will set your preferences and other settings to default one. Default settings works great on some of the handsets manufacturer including Samsung, LG, HTC, Samsung Galaxy Nexus and more. As per now, this settings supports very few smartphone, but there’s a default button which will set your RAM settings to default one, the one which you had just before using the app.

What You Need To Use RAM Manager Pro

  • A Rooted Android Smartphone
  • Your Android smartphone should have Android OS v2.1 and above to try this Android app.
  • It also works on Android OS v4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich too.
  • The Android app – RAM Manager Pro (paid), also available in free version too, but with fewer options.
Enjoy RAM Manager Android app to juice out most of your Android smartphone and to smoothen your Android experience. Do share your views with us.

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