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Facebook Security - My Guide Exclusive by #RitroSoft

Some people worry about teenagers being safe online, perhaps with good reason. The fact that they are vulnerable potential targets is just one concern – the amount that we now rely on the internet means that there is a whole cyber world of danger to teach them about, with issues such as cyber bullying and safe online shopping also being relevant to them.

But it is teenagers who invented a way of making your Facebook account more secure.

Super log off was invented by teenagers as a way of keeping control over what was posted on their wall, or what posts or photographs and videos they were tagged in to avoid cyber-bullying or having an embarrassing photo up for hours before they were able to log on and take it down. Instead of just signing out of Facebook, they deactivate their whole account. Facebook’s dubious privacy settings mean that when you do this your account isn’t actually deleted at all, more just hidden so that no-one can find you, see you or interact with your account in any way (such as posting horrible messages on your wall).

What this also means is that hackers and fake profiles can’t see you either. Of course, it does remove some of the functionality – but if you prefer to use Facebook to message people, check other people’s updates (perhaps that friend with a baby who keeps everyone updated via Facebook) and occasionally post your own photos but you also find Facebook a bit creepy in terms of stalker potential and lack of privacy then super log-off could be good for you. Or if you have loads of Facebook friends and spend loads of time logged in but just want to protect your privacy when you do happen to log off, such as during a holiday, it could be a way of keeping safe from hackers.

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