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Free Facebook Timeline Covers Images

December 2011, Facebook overhauled the look of user Profile which is now named as Facebook Timeline. In Timeline  all the information like friends, photos, likes, basic information etc is placed in a single page.
Some users acclaimed it while for others it was an arrogant move by Facebook for not considering the user opinion before implementing this change. Timeline brought in a new feature Facebook Cover Image which one can set along with his Profile Pic. These cover images gives Decent and Stylish look to your Facebook Timeline.

How to Create Facebook Timeline Cover Images

You can create your own Facebook Timeline Cover Images with the help of Photoshop, Irfan View etc by overlapping multiple images to make an eye catching design that reflects your personality.

Here are the dimensions of the Facebook Timeline Cover Images

Cover Image—850px * 315px
Profile Image—scaled 125px * 125px but 180px * 180px is the minimum size of the image that you can upload.
Profile Image Offsets—left 22px and top 92px.

If you don’t want to create your own cover images then below are the two best website that gives ravishing look to your Facebook Timeline.

Websites To Download Free Facebook Timeline Cover Images

Cover Photo Finder

Cover Photo Finder has thousands of Cover Images on their website which you can set it as Timeline Cover Image for free. You just have to open the website and login to your facebbok account by clicking on the Log In with Facebook link and enable this site to authorize your account by clicking on the Allow button in the Request and Permission window. After this choose your Cover Image and click Use This Cover Photo button. One can also Upload and add his own unique Facebook Time Cover Image to this website with Upload button.

Visit Cover Photo Finder Website

My Profile Viewer

My Profile Viewer is the best alternative of Cover Photo Finder. It has some Pros and Cons like all the Cover Images are categorized according to the theme like Cars, Celebrity, Nature, Models and many more. Browse the Cover Image that you like and click on the Download this Cover Image button. Now you can manually upload Cover Image at any point of time in your Facebook Timeline. The only limitation of this website is, a watermark is inserted in each of the Timeline Cover image. you can also Request for the customized cover images by commenting on the website.

Visit My Profile Viewer Website

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