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How to Remove Facebook Timeline Easily

“Facebook Timeline was the worst decision of Facebook”, “I Hate Timeline“, “Please get back my old profile”, “Facebook ! Just Stop timeline” above are just a tip of negative responses regarding Facebook timeline. People still want to change their profiles.

I already posted an article on to remove Facebook timeline, But less techei people feel uncomfortable with these tricks. So here I am sharing Browser extensions to easily remove or disable timeline. This Browser extension is Timeline Remove.
Timeline Remove is simple browser extensions and currently available only for Firefox and Chrome Browser.
How to Disable/Remove/Deactivate/Delete Timeline:-
To Disable or remove timeline first download Timeline Remove extensions according to your browser.
For Firefox Download Timeline Remove From Here
For Google Chrome Download Timeline Remove From Here
and then Install it.
Timeline Remove using the same methods which we discuss on our post i.e. it behaving like an older version of Internet Explorer. This Extension only works for your own profile.

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