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Repair Windows XP Without Bootable CD - Exclusive by

This Method is called Web Folders XP Repairing System.Many Times the registry entries or files of our system got corrupted because of viruses or other reasons in this case for repairing windows XP we format our system or repair windows xp by some other ways like by using Bootable Cd Method. 
But by this method we can repair our Windows xp without using Bootable CD or Formatting  System.

For Applying This Method Just Follow Below given Simple steps:
Step 1 – First Click on Start and go to Run.
Step 2 – In Run Type webfldrs.msi .

Step 3 – New window will open in your screen now Click on Select Reinstall Mode.

Step 4 – Again New Window will open in your screen just check marks on all the
options and Click on OK .

Step 5 – It will take some time in Repairing your windows XP and when the process will be completed it will ask to Restart your System then just restart your system.
Thats It ! By Using this simple Method Your Windows XP will be repaired without using bootable CD or Formatting ...

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