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Linux Basic Commands for Beginners Learn Linux

In this post we are going to talk about some Linux commands for Beginners.
The commands are really simple and if you follow along, its going to be a child’s play. Learning Linux is not that difficult afterall. If you can learn to use Windows, you can do that with Linux as well..;-)

So we are going to discuss basic Linux commands , they are very similar to the commands in DOS.
Let me give you a comparison with the task these commands do.

DOS                                       Linux
mk                                      mkdir
rm                                        rmdir
cd                                             cd
dir                                              ls
cls                                            clear
Now How to use these commands?
Goto the terminal..
Applications-> System Tools -> Terminals

What is Linux Terminal | How to open Linux Terminal
Now Let me show you the use of these commands..
1) mkdir :- mkdir stands for Make Directory. This command is used to create a new directory or u can say a folder
2) rmdir :- rmdir stands for Remove Directory. This command is used to delete a folder (Note a folder must already be created in order to get deleted)
3) cd :- cd stands for Choose directory . It is used to select/ enter a folder
4) ls:- ls is used to list all contents of a directory.
5) clear:- clear is used to clear the terminal screen ie.. it erases all the text on the terminal screen.

Well I hope you are clear with these basic commands. Its a must for navigation.
This was just the basics. In the next post I will cover some advance topics in details.
And do pass on comments and give your reviews. Let me know if you liked it or not.

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