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Trojan Horse Virus Info

Trojan Horse is a malicious sub-contained program that masquerades as an application.Trojans are small programs used for remote control over your entire computer. These small program contained with any other program and send to the victims. In simple we can say that Trojan is a unknown program which contained with any legitimate files such as Photo, Books, Game etc.

In Trojan Horse there is a Client and Server. the server is the file that would have to get installed on your system in order to have your system compromised and the client is your computer system. Trojan can also be called Remote Administration Tools(RAT's).
Features of Trojan:-
There are some feature Trojan worked soon as the server in installed on client computer.
• Capture a screenshot of your computer
• Record your key strokes and send them
• Full Access to all your drives and files
• Ability to use your computer as a bridge for other hacking activity
• Disable your keyboard and mouse
• Increase/ Decrease Volume
• Open/close the CD-ROM
• Start/ Kill application.

How To Install Trojan:-
For install the Trojan virus on victim PC we send the server file in two methods.
Method 1:- (If Physical Access Victims PC)
This method is worked when we are able to physical access of victims pc. we can install the Trojan server with the help of Pen Drive.
Method 2:- (Remote Install)
In this method we send the server file via E-mail, Messenger, download link etc. In this method the hacker claim the file to be Photo, Video, Pdf Book, Game etc. When you double click on the file than server will be installed on your pc. and the hacker will control your entire pc.
In our next article we discuss on prevention and security issues related Trojan Horse.

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