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Windows 7 MAC Address Changer

Usually there is no need to change the Mac address in a computer. However, in certain situations you may need to change it, for example, when you surfing the internet free in public places where limited usage quota. The MAC is used to identify hardware devices such as network cards, modems, etc.

Previously we had posted a manual method for changing MAC address in a computer. Here is a simple tool to help you make thing faster.

Win7 MAC Changer is a portable application designed to let users change the MAC address. This software enables the user to spoof the MAC address used by the network interface cards.

It is quite easy to use. Run the tool, select your Network adaptor, click ‘Change’ button, and then click ‘Random’ button from the popup window to choose a MAC address, then click apply button.

Win7 MAC Address Changer (beta) can be downloaded (54Kb) free at source here.

Download Win7 MAC Address Changer v1.5
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