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Blackberry Tracking Software

Many stay at home moms and wives have decided to put an end to their boring lives and continue where they left or start a new degree program. Husbands on the other hand can be assured that this just isn’t an excuse and they are not being lied to with the blackberry tracking software.
The blackberry tracking software will not even let the wife know that she’s being monitored as she goes out of the house for a class or anything else.

The blackberry tracking software can be easily installed in her phone and then monitored form anywhere, anytime. He will just have to login to the online account to see whatever she’s doing or what’s going on around her. The blackberry tracking software can track the phone at the real time or in 15-30 minutes interval thus giving the user an exact location of wherever the person being monitored is. A choice of map is also available as the person can pinpoint where his wife is and thus can even go there if necessary.

If she is not attending the class but is located at the mall every day, then there are surely some trust issues between the couple. Along with location monitoring, the blackberry tracking software also allows the user to listen to whatever is going on in the background with surrounding recording. He just has to send a secret text from his phone and the recordings will be uploaded to the online account. Whenever he gets time, he can listen to them and if there’s a teacher’s lecture he gets to listen, then there surely isn’t anything to worry about.

Wherever women go, they love to take pictures of themselves and their friends. The Blackberry Tracking software also monitors the pictures taken and videos made from the phone. Everything done on or through the phone will be on the online account for the person monitoring to see. This way husbands can see what their wives are doing and who they are hanging out with.

The blackberry tracking software can monitor bbm chat conversations and text messages as well. This way with the blackberry tracking software, one can know exactly what his wife is talking about and who she’s talking to. Everything he needs to know regarding his wife will be available online using the blackberry tracking software.

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