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Facebook Valuation Jumps to $102.8 Billion

Facebook’s valuation has risen exponentially, with investors at almost every point set to see a positive return when it goes public at a possible valuation of $102.8 billion. Facebook is currently expected to go public in May, in what will be one of the biggest Internet IPOs of all time. It aims to raise close to $5 billion, in order to provide an exit to its existing shareholders, and get more cash to fuel its expansion spree.

Facebook has been the most active stock in secondary markets like SharesPost and SecondMarket. March 30 was the last day of secondary trading for the stock, as the SEC and Facebook halt secondary trading to clean up their books before the IPO. At the penultimate auction, its valuation was $94.4 billion, but at its final secondary auction yesterday, its valuation jumped to $102.8 billion, possibly its highest ever, according to a report by Bloomberg.
Despite being valued relatively highly, Facebook could end up seeing a significant pop in its share price on IPO day, going by the voracious investor appetite evidenced by the huge demand in secondary markets. It seems like the patent lawsuits by Yahoo and others against Facebook right before its IPO haven’t dampened investor sentiment at all.

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