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Gadget of Blogger Dynamic Views

Blogger has introduced 6 awesome Gadgets for the Dynamic Views/Dynamic View Templates. The Widgets appear as a Floating Dock and expands when the user hovers over it.  These Gadgets matches up with the look and feel of the CSS3 powered Dynamic Views.

These are the list of Gadgets that Blogger has added to Dynamic Views
  1. Blog Archive
  3. Labels
  4. Profile
  5. Link List
  6. Subscribe
You would already be familiar with the first 5 gadgets, but these are pretty different from the normal Gadgets. These are interactive and open up when the user hovers over the dock thereby saving some valuable space. The last gadget in the list(Subscribe) is a new Dynamic View Gadget which would be shown if you have added the Follow by Email or Subscription Gadget.

How to add these Gadgets to Dynamic Views ?

You just have to go to the Layout Page and add these Gadgets as you normally do. The docked gadgets will appear on your Dynamic view template or on your Blog’s Dynamic View .
I’m not using a Dynamic View Template, but you can see the new Gadgets in action on my Blog’s Dynamic View Pages. You can check out the demo at
If you want to see how these would look like on your blog. just append view to your blog’s main URL.
e.g :

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