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Hacker Group released own operating system Anonymous OS 0.1 Live

A hacker group called Anonymous have released their own operating system "Anonymous-OS 0.1 Live" with various hacking tools for testing the security of web sites.
Anonymous-OS Live is an Ubuntu-based distribution and created for educational purposes, to checking the security of web pages and currently Anonymous-OS
Live has surpassed 16,250 downloads!
After releasing Anonymous-OS various peoples and blogs warns users that this OS is not developed by any Genuine Source, So Beware to download, So in the answer Anonymous Group published an about us page on their blog,
Q – Who created Anonymous-OS Live?
A – Anonymous-OS created by Anonymous!
Q – Is it safe to use Anonymous-OS?
A – Yes it is 100% safe. You can use Anonymous-OS as safe as you can use any Linux distro.
Q – Where i can find tutorials for preinstalled tools?
A – For now, you can search to any search engine with name of tool and find many tutorials. Maybe in future we create some how-to’s
Q – How can i help with Anonymous-OS?
A – You can help Anonymous-OS with your feedback to do Anonymous-OS Live better.
Q – Can i donate Anonymous-OS?
A – No. We do not do this about money. We are not interested for money. If you want to donate somewhere, please do it on some opensource project.

Below is the list of Pre-Installed apps on Anonymous-OS Live.
- ParolaPass Password Generator
- Find Host IP
- Anonymous HOIC
- Ddosim
- Pyloris
- Slowloris
- TorsHammer
- Sqlmap
- Havij
- Sql Poison
- Admin Finder
- John the Ripper
- Hash Identifier
- Tor
- XChat IRC
- Pidgin
- Vidalia
- Polipo
- JonDo
- i2p
- Wireshark
- Zenmap
…and lot more

Download Anonymous Os 0.1 Live from Here

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