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KMPlayer next version KMP is finally here !!!

KMP+ simply indicates the services that are being provided through KMPlayer and we have added several features to KMPlayer.
You can find our updated list below.

Please use it, test it out and let us know what you think about our newest 3D & Intel WiDi(Wireless Display) Features!!!

KMPlayer & KMP Media's CI, BI has been changed. More information to be posted in the near future!

Download KMPlayer

File: KMPlayer_EN_3.2.0.0.exe (28,824,704Bytes)
CRC-32: 446f79aa
MD4: bd35feb9c5924c5bd5365c7cb62d59e8
MD5: d70c01c682075024f440fd7c475de5d2
SHA-1: 24706677438ab67f58779ae5646359c8f585979c

** 3.2 UPDATE LIST **

- Supports 3D Formats. (Side-By-Side, Top-and-Bottom) to (Anaglyph, Interlaced)
- Supports 10-bit H.264. (Libcodec.dll)
- Supports Intel Widi.
- Added video codec "DV5P".
- Add new function album art (Thumnail image extraction from FLAC file)
- Thumbnail image display enhancement when playing audio files. (MP3, FLAC, WMA)
- Fixed ColorSpace bug.
- Fixed Intel Codec H.264.
- Fixed Winamp plugin.
- Error correction of images infected with malicious codes. (EIP register Corruption Vulnerability. Provided: KISA)
- Fixed view as a desktop mode in Windows 7.
- Fixed improper load of Album Art bug.
- Correction of screen display error when using EVR(C/A) - if you skip from the WMV file.
- Fixed KMP HTTP Reader.
- AAC codec Parser error correction from MOV file.
- MKV Skip Problum.

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