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New Technology as IT Support

Technology is constantly being updated and improved; this is the nature of technology and those involved with the industry. People working in this sector are always striving to improve on what has gone before, whether this is an operating system or an older version of computer software.
New advances are being made every year, if you take the field of memory for instance; massive steps have been taken where we are now able to purchase hard drives capable of storing terabytes. It is also fair to assume that in the near future we will have moved on to petabytes (1000 terabytes).

Many businesses find that it’s more cost-effective to outsource their IT support than to have their own department. One of the main reasons for this is to avoid having to retrain staff when new technology is released. The technological landscape is constantly changing with new software and hardware released annually. This can make it difficult to keep up and the costs of training staff to deal with new technology can be quite high and take employees away from their duty of supporting others in the company.

With new advances in technological capability, the entire landscape changes and what was impossible ten years ago is now possible. This is why it is exciting to be a part of the IT industry but it is also why it can be difficult to keep up. An IT support company must constantly adapt to whatever changes. If Microsoft releases a new operating system, IT support workers have to study it and find solutions to faults so that when their clients call, they have the knowledge to proceed.

One of the main new features of business in London is that of cloud computing, where resources and software are shared over the internet as a service. With these types of networks being created, companies dealing with IT support in London have to adapt and learn how to maintain them. If the network is to go down, it could affect all of the processes of the company, which makes it incredibly important that the issue is fixed immediately by the company providing IT support.

Many say that it’s hard to predict the future but it’s fair to say that the technology in ten years’ time will be very different to that of today’s. This is the exciting nature of IT and that is the challenge that IT support companies constantly face.

Author: Kelly Smith has worked in the IT sector for over 10 years and is constantly having to learn how to deal with new software and hardware. She currently works for Barton Technology.

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  1. I agree, technology is really dynamic! Advances and improvements is one of the main target of technology. And yes, in business it is really a wise choice if your outsource your IT support than to have it on your own department. It is really good to hear such insightful thoughts in here.