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In recent times, viral marketing has assumed great popularity. The best part about viral marketing is that it does not demand a huge budget. Yet, when implemented smartly, it can create a strong buzz about your company.

Recently, pop star Ke$ha organized an online video contest. This smart online marketing trick increased awareness about her single and allowed her to connect with her fans on a personal level. Today, in this article, we will share few interesting information about viral marketing. Learn more.

Reasons that Encourage People to Share

  • To make our loved ones aware of informative content
  • To reveal our interests and liking's
  • To nurture our personal and professional relationships
  • To participate in burning issues
  • To enjoy a sense of self-fulfillment

People Who Prefer to Share

You will be surprised to know that depending on human personalities, reasons for sharing can also vary. Read on to know about sharing personas.
  • Altruists- Usually female, they share content for helping others. They are not hyperactive about being the first person to share. Rather, they are selective about persons with whom they are sharing content.
  • Hipsters- Young and usually male, they share because it is part of their identity. Making new friends and sharing quickly are crucial for them.
  • Careerists- They usually prefer to share valuable content. Professional networking is important to them. • Connectors- Mostly female, they share to stay connected with their friends.
  • Boomerangs- Older than hipsters, they share content because it provides them with a sense of power. They love receiving responses to shared content.
  • Selectives- Older and traditional, they consider sharing as equivalent to giving advice. They prefer to share content via mail.

Techniques to Influence Sharing

  • Create a content that will encourage people to share it with others. Of course, you need to incorporate information about your company in the content as well. ‘Make Yourself’ campaign of Nike can be a good example of this strategy. The content is so powerful that even if you are not a fan of Nike, you will feel prompted to share it.
  • Understand the fact that unless people trust your brand, they will not share the content. We share something with the world, when we find it valuable enough. Therefore, before undertaking any viral marketing campaign, encourage people to trust your brand.
  • Keep your message straight and simple. If you create a complicated content, users will fail to understand it. Consequently, they will not like to share it with their loved ones.
  • Try to develop content that can make people laugh. Remember that users really prefer to share humorous content. It provides them with a sense of self-fulfillment.
  • Include an element of urgency in your content. Do not forget to highlight the benefits of sharing the content urgently.
  • Consider the fact that sharing indicates the beginning of your brand creation. You need to implement follow-up campaigns as well. For best results, study carefully the reactions of users to your content. Respond to these reactions. Participate in discussions. All these will create a positive image of your company amongst the audience.
  • Allow people to share content via email as well. As discussed earlier, for many people, email is still the preferred method of sharing content.
Do you think any other sharing personas exist? Would you opt for any of these methods? Share with us your suggestions and comments. If you have any query, you can get in touch with our SEO services.

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