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Upload Photos in Dippic and Make Money Online

How you can makemoney by uploading photos and videos? They allow you to uploading photos andvideos whatever photos and videos may be celebrities, animals, cars etc.
Theypay you for views of your photos and videos. Let take an example you upload onephoto and share it to your friends on facebook and twitter and your friendsview to that photo, now depending on how much you got on that photo you willearn money.
What make it soimpressing about this website is you can store your photos online and also makemoney from your photos. If you upload 1000 photos and every photos get dailyone view then you can make around $1-6 depending on which countries you aregetting views.
Dippic.com is notlike other sites which pays you only $0.22 for per 1000 views, it pays $0.35-6for per 1000 view which means you can make more money for your photos and youreffort and one thing to say never do fraud or scam to get views becausedippic.com do not accept fraud and scam views which also lead to banned youraccount from them. So be genuine and upload more photos and earn more and shareit to your friends on social networking sites, forum, social bookmarking sitesetc. Unlike other websites which pays you when your account reach $20 butdippic.com pays you when your account reach $1 and they pay everday.
  1. We Pay Up to $6 For Each 1000 Image Views
  2. We Pay Higher Than Another Site.
  3. Minimum Payment only $1.00
  4. No Hidden Rules To Hold Your Payments.
  5. We Deal With Payments Every Day.
  6. We Pay Up To 60% Of Moneys Earned By Each User You Refer.
  7. We Pay Up To 10% Of Money From Premium Sale
  8. Images and videos Of Any Size Qualify To Earn Money.
  9. Porn Image and Porn Videos Are Not Allowed.
  10. Payments Via AlertpayMoneybookersPaypal.
  11. People All Over World Qualify For Rewards Program.
  12. We Count All Traffic Around The World (Tier 5).
Earnings Table
Account typeRegularPremium
Note: All prices are for 1000 unique views.

Tier 1 - United States,United Kingdom, Canada.

Tier 2 - France,Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands,Norway, Ireland, Finland, Australia, New Zealand.

Tier 3 - Russia,Austria, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania,Luxembourg, Slovenia, Slovakia, Cyprus, Sierra Leone, Liechtenstein, Bulgaria,Greece, Turkey, Iran, South Africa, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UnitedArab Emirates, Brazil, Oman, Malta, Gibraltar, India.

Tier 4 - Poland,Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Mexico.

Tier 5 - All Other.

1 comment:

  1. Don't upload images to Dippic.com. My honest truth here, the rest of the comments above are bullshit. Here is my facts. Dippic.com is not such a great pay to upload provider anyway.

    Here, read this guys:

    Question in its knowledgebase
    Can I shrink DipPic url to short url service ?

    Answer from Dippic knowledgebase
    No at all, do not shrink DipPic url to any short url service. You will get banned and delete account.

    What nonsense is this? Cannot use url shortener? Give me a break. Other paid to upload service all do not care if you use adfly or other paid url shorteners, so Dippic.com is just bullshit. Avoid it, IMO.

    You'll regret for all the hard work you put in. It hides the tough questions in the other section of its Support knowledgebase, so you will miss it. It's deliberate. Pretty sneaky. AVOID it.