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World War Game for Android and iPhone

World War Android Game is one of the massive Multiplayer online game which is played by over 2.8 million players of people everyday. In this game we run with a good story mode of 2020 nuclear war which will create history and 5 countries will merge to become a massive force with superpowers in this war.
You can battle with other players live. Start as a general defending your base from the enemy and fight to become the dominant military presence in the world as you march your way to victory in World War.

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World War Game Features

  1. Massively Multiplayer ONLINE War Game for Android, iPhone and iPod Touch!.
  2. Join over 2.8 million players!.
  3. FREE updates with new missions, units, buildings, and more!.
  4. Battle other players LIVE.
  5. Choose from 5 countries like USA, UK, Germany, China, and Russia, each with different bonuses.
  6. Show off your army with the best infantry, ground, water, and air units.
  7. Support your expanding army by building up your military base.
  8. Ally with other players to make you stronger.
  9. Enjoy gorgeous graphics.
  10. Perform numerous dangerous missions.
  11. Get real time updates.
  12. Comment on other players.
  13. Broadcast messages to your alliance.
  14. Simple and easy-to-use tap interface and much more.

The World War Game Screenshots

World War Game World War Game 01 World War Game 02

World War Game for Android and iPhone

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