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Airtel 4G LTE | Wireless Internet | Speed Test Successfull in Kolkata

Bharati Airtel has launched the 4G LTE services here in India. And with this Airtel becomes the first telecom company in India to provide the latest 4G wireless services. Simply put this LTE, or Long Term Evolution is the latest 4th generation technology that will allow subscribers stream or download HD video content,
initiate high quality video calls, watch Live TV and playing real-time games will be a dream come true. Starting with Kolkata, Airtel will roll out their high-speed 4G LTE services that boasts speeds anywhere between 25- 40 mbps download and 10- 20  mbps upload bandwidth while on the move. But according to Airtel 4G LTE can offer upto 100 mbps download and 40mbps upload speeds. Soon Karnataka (Bangalore), Punjab (Chandigarh) and Maharashtra (excluding Mumbai) circles too will see this explosion of 4G LTE wireless bandwidth.

Starting today Airtel will offer 4G services via Airtel branded USB modems/ sticks and CPE hardware that supports LTE TDD/ FDD technology. Now two hardware models namely Huawei E392 high-speed USB modem for end-users and Huawei B593 4G LTE indoor gateway for enterprise level usage will be available initially. Though a Airtel USIM will be available for USB devices, smart phone users in India can’t leverage the 4G power as no phone in India till date supports 4G LTE tech. But expect Airtel to roll out 4G LTE services to mobile devices too as soon as we start seeing 4G phones here. That said getting the new iPad with 4G LTE hardware will be meaningful now. Not only Airtel but Reliance, Qualcomm, Tikona, Aircel and Augere is expected to launch 4G LTE services in their respective circles soon.
While the ideal stats these companies display on their websites are always attractive the real facts see lights only when humans get hands on it. And it seems the initial speed tests are already out. The screenshots from results suggests a speed of about 30 Mb/s download and 10 Mb/s upload with a ping rate below 100 ms. This on a USB modem is impressive.
Airtel 4G LTE results:

Get more details about Airtel 4G LTE devices, tariff plans and coverage here.
PS: This test was conducted using iPad on Airtel 4G LTE indoor gateway WiFi internet connection.

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