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Google Drive and its Features

Google is a big rival of Facebook with Google+ and Microsoft’s SkyDrive with Google Drive. Yesterday, after so much rumours and wait Google has officially launched Google Drive. Google Drive is a cloud storage service started by Google.
It is a place where users will be able to create, share, collaborate and keep all their stuff safe and secure. Google Drive gives flexibility to upload any format file like doc, pdf, media file, photos, videos etc.

Google has brought the following useful features in Google Drive.

Storage Space

Google Drive blessed its users with 5GB free storage space. Like other cloud storage services SkyDrive and Dropbox, users have to pay some amount according to their plan. You can upgrade your Google Drive cloud to 25GB for $2.49/month, 100GB for $4.99/month and 1TB for $49.99/month. After upgrading the cloud storage space with any of the above plan, Gmail storage will also increase as per your plan.

Create and Collaborate

Google Docs was the incredible service launched by the Google which performs double-duty, create online document files and online data storage service. Due to its much popularity Google has integrated Google Docs in Google Drive with some new features. In Google Drive you will be able to create Spreadsheets, Presentations, forms etc and share them with your peers. You will also get notifications when people will comment on your shared stuff.

Google Drive with Google Chrome

Google Drive is an open platform which is working with many third-party developing communities.Users will be able to send faxes, edit videos and create website mock-ups directly from the drive. To enhance user experience with Google Drive, Google has also launched 18 web applications for its chrome browser. Today, I’ll explain only useful applications.
MindMeiser: It is a small application which creates, edits and shares mind maps online, is also available in Google Drive.
HelloFax: It allows you to sign documents and send faxes online. You will never need to print, sign and scan documents again.
Lulu’s web application also enables user to publish their documents to its service via Google Drive.
Aviary Photo Editor: It is a powerful layer based photo editing tool which works fine with Google Drive.

Compatibility with other Google Services

Photos and videos uploaded in it can be easily shared or posted on Google+ profile. Unlike Gmail Drive users won’t be able to attach files from Drive directly to emails in Gmail. But you can send a link of your file from the Google Drive in Gmail instead of attaching files.

Powerful Search Tool

Google Drive uses the OCR (Optical Character Reader) technology to search in documents. It can also recognize objects in your images and shows relevent results for your texted query. It searches the content by keyword and filters all the results according to their file types.

Pre-install Application Programs

Google Drive is like virtual machine which has more than 30 pre-installed softwares to open and run specific a file. Like to run any media file, it is not necessary to install VLC Player in your computer, Sounds Interesting?

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