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List of Spam Sending Countries | Top 10

TrendLabs has published an Quarteraly Security report “Security in the Age of Mobility”, According to this report India was sending highest number of spams till March 31, 2012 with 20% of total spams and second countries was Indonesia with 13% of total spam, followed by South Korea 12% and Russia 10%.

The number of targeted attacks has dramatically increased. Unlike largely indiscriminate attacks that focus on stealing credit card and banking information associated with cybercrime, targeted attacks noticeably differ and are better characterized as cyber espionage. In a typical targeted attack, a target receives a contextually relevant email that encourages a potential victim to click a link or open a file. The links and files the attackers send contain malicious code that exploits vulnerabilities in popular software, said Amit Nath.
Apple recieved highest numbers of reported vulnerabilities with a total of 91%,  followed by Oracle 78%, Google with 73% and Microsoft with 43% reported vulnerabilities in first Quoter.

In Mobiles, Android Smartphones received more cybercriminal attacks. Trend Micro identified approximately 5,000 new malicious Android apps just this quarter.
A Google/Ipsos poll found that users are increasingly using their smartphones to surf the web. Germany, in particular, recorded the biggest jump from 39% to 49%. With the increased use of smartphones for Internet access and the huge Android user base, the increase in attacks targeting the platform is thus not surprising.
One big reason for the popularity of apps is their ease of use. Browsing the net on your mobile phone is not the same experience as doing it on a laptop… The key thing to remember is to think before you give an app access to your data… If you have any doubts about giving oversensitive information, just don’t do it, said Robert McArdle, Trend Micro Senior Threat Researcher
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