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Get 50GB Free Online File Storage with

It really seems like the cloud storage market is heating up, and this is a good thing for end users as it means more options and more innovation. is a popular cloud storage service which allows both paid and free accounts.They offer 5GB free basic account but you can upgrade it to 50GB without paying anything.

50GB is really amazing space as no other company (such as dropbox, skydrive, google drive) is offering such a huge storage space for free. All you need to do is signup for from your Android device or create an account from computer and Install App from the Android Market on your Andriod device. Once you have installed the application on your phone, login to your Box account and your account will be upgraded to 50GB for free.
If you feel like is not for you, you can try Dropbox which offers 18GB free space or SkyDrive which is offering 25GB free upgrade.