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Satellite Service on Internet

The scope and spread of the World Wide Web is an ever enhancing phenomenon. No other means of communication has such a grip over the world today. Individuals from Hong Kong to Honolulu are connected by this virtual web.
The evolution of the internet has been extraordinary. Moreover, there has been an increasing demand for this particular technology in this age. Almost each and every communicative and official task of mankind today can be accomplished only by the help of internet.

Thus it can be clearly understood that there is tremendous need of high-speed internet facility. Today, satellite internet service is the fastest available option of internet connection. The maximum usage of the internet is done by the youths. Filling up of admission forms, booking of film tickets and most importantly social networking everything can be done sitting at one’s own comfort zone. Apart from these activities, internet has a wide fan-following in all age groups. Since, it is the biggest encyclopedia man could ever think of, it is referred to by any individual whenever there is a need to gain information on anything.

Initially having a colored website was like a class symbol for organization. But, today with the invent of graphics and other complex applications such as live videos, online gaming, live chat and other virtual services the expectations of the consumers have towered high. Unless the person sitting in front of the computer is using a tremendously high speed internet, these applications will fail to be accessed properly.

The dial up network provision of the web uses a modem and takes almost the same time to send and receive data as is taken by the telephone lines. Broadband is a faster means of connection used by the cable modem. Apart from these there is the wireless broadband connection that is gaining popularity in the metropolitan cities today.

Radio frequency bands are used in this technique to transmit signals within a small area. Though these are the most used services, satellite internet services are the fastest and the most reliable of all. The geostationary satellites that are positioned above the earth’s atmosphere send signals in this kind of service.

These satellites are stationed in perpendicular alignment with the equator, so that they have the access to maximum parts of the globe. The signals from the earth are sent to the satellite and they send signals back to the earth. This is how the transmission is done. People staying in areas where connections via telephone and wireless mediums could not be accessed, benefit from this type of connection.

To avail this kind of internet service one needs to have a pertinent hardware which will be able to send and receive signals from the satellite. A satellite dish is to be installed at the customer’s preferred location. Two modems are also required for the upload and download of data. Another equipment required is the coaxial cable which acts as a link between the modem and the dish.

The only disadvantage of these connections is that on a dull-skied day the smooth access of this connection will be disturbed majorly. Satellite internet connections are very valuable for people living in areas where other connections cannot reach have a chance to be linked with the World Wide Web.

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