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Facebook Shortcuts for Firefox & Chrome

FaceBook is one of the best social networking site widely used by the people around world. The FaceBook users quite happy to get Facebook tricks. Here is another Facebook trick is for the Facebook users.
The Facebook users can get some Facebook shortcut keys here. The shortcut keys for facebook make your Facebook experience more easy as well as can save time. You can use these shortcut keys on your Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Just check out the FaceBook shortcut keys for Firefox & Google Chrome given below.

If you are a Mozilla firefox user then the Facebook shrtotcut keys for Firefox helps you to manage Facebook easily on Firefox where as the Facebook shrtotcut keys for Chrome do the same for you. It really helpful to me. After getting the Facebook shortcuts for Firefox and Chrome I really enjoying.

Facebook Shortcut Keys for Google Chrome :-
  • Alt+m- New Message
  • Alt+1- Home Page
  • Alt+2- Profile Page
  • Alt+3- Manage Friend List
  • Alt+4- Message List
  • Alt+5- Notification Page
  • Alt+6- Account Setting
  • Alt+7- Privacy Setting
  • Alt+8- Facebook Fan Page
  • Alt+9- Facebook Terms
  • Alt+0- Help Center
  • Alt+?- Search Box

Facebook Shortcut Keys for Mozilla Firefox:-
  • Shift+Alt+m- New Message
  • Shift+Alt+1- Home Page
  • Shift+Alt+2- Profile Page
  • Shift+Alt+3- Manage Friend List
  • Shift+Alt+4- Message List
  • Shift+Alt+5- Notification Page
  • Shift+Alt+6- Account Setting
  • Shift+Alt+7- Privacy Setting
  • Shift+Alt+8- Facebook Fan Page
  • Shift+Alt+9- Facebook Terms
  • Shift+Alt+?- Search Box
  • Shift+Alt+0- Help Center

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