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How to Repair Windows Registry Errors

What is Windows Registry

In very simple words, windows registry are some files that hold your system configuration. Windows registry can also be termed as a database that holds the settings for your windows.
If something happens to the files in Windows Registry, your whole system can crash. Here is a screenshot of how windows registry looks.

Windows Registry | How to repair-fix Windows Registry
Well that might have excited you and you might want to view the same on your machine.

How to View Windows Registry

Its very simple to view Windows registry.
  1. Goto Run or press Windows Button + R
  2. Type : regedit
  3. Press Enter
And yes, you have entered the Windows Registry
How to View Windows Registry
Now that know How to View Windows Registry on your computer and also know What Windows Registry Is, let me tell you the Importance of Windows Registry.

Why is Windows Registry Important

A stated above, windows registry files are the configuration files of your computer. If something happens to them, your whole computer can crash and you may loose all your important work or information on your computer. This way in a layman’s language. Let me take this knowledge to an advance level.
Do you know where is the software information stored in your computer. Say you install a trial verson of a software in your computer and after some days, you are unable to use it because of the trial period getting over. It is because its installation time and settings are stored in Windows Registry and as soon as the trial software expires, Windows comes to know the same and puts an alert.
However here is a very interesting post we wrote on How to Use a Trial Software Forever. This might help you to use trial software without getting the license.
Do you know where do virus and keylogger attack as soon as they enter your PC, yes you got it right. They attack your registry files. They modify settings in your registry to make the necessary changes on your computer as desired by the hacker to take access of your computer. The worst part of it is that even if you are already hacked or your registry is manipulated, you really can’t find out. Windows Registry is one of the least visited places of your computer.  Its also a great possibility that your Registry Files are already manipulated and you really don’t know anything about it. Every Software that you install on your computer makes changes in your registry files. Some in a good way and some in a bad.
Now you might want to check of your Registry Files are already manipulated and if you are already hacked or not. We are about to discuss the same.

How to Fix-Repair Windows Registry Errors

Fixing the Windows Registry Errors is a hell lot of task if done manually and you can’t be too sure of what you are doing either. This is one thing that I recommend doing through software. There are many software out there for the same but Smart PC Fixer is the best software we have found for fixing and repairing the Windows Registry Errors.

SmartPCFixer | Repair-Fix Windows Registry Tool

Features of Smart PC Fixer

  1. Scan and Fix :- It scans are deletes all the invalid registry entries in just one click. It has a very easy to use interface.
  2. System Optimize :- Removes all the unwanted Registry entries to optimize the system for best performance. It speeds up your computer to a great extent.
  3. IE Tools :- Tools that check your web for malicious worms and resolves all the bugs in IE (Internet Explorer) which results in less crashing of IE.
  4. System Fix :- Included are Easy Repair Wizard, Error Utilities, File Association fixer, Register ActiveX, Shortcuts Fixer, Winsock2 Repair toolkit, Dll Fixer and more.
  5. System Tools :- This set of bonus System Tools includes 4 useful and effective utilities to enhance the usability and performance of your PC.
  6. Backup :- SmartPCFixer provides you with Registry Backup, System Backup, Favorites Backup and Folder Backup so that you can easily restore your machine to an old state in case your current files get affected for some reason.
You can Download Smart PC Fixer now by Clicking Here!

SmartPCFixer | Download Windows Registry Error Fix Software
SmartPCFixer | Download Windows Registry Error Fix Software
Don’t forget to register and get its license for 1,3 or 10 computers depending upon your need.

Visit the official website of Smart PC Fixer for more. And don’t worry about getting the license from them, they have a 60 day money back guarantee if you don’t like the product.

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