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Most Emotional Pictures of 2012

Looking around at the world these days, it is hard to believe that kindness still exists among people. Everyone has got so caught up in the race to make more and more money that at some point or another along the way, most of them let fall the most basic propose of life; making yourself useful to others.
In most cases nowadays, doing a favor means asking for one in return. Kindness for kindness’ sake is fast becoming extinct. Perhaps it’s not the fault of the many. This greedy corporate world is sucking the life out of good deeds. But what can a common man do against the tide that is sweeping us all away? Maybe not something big, but it’s the little acts in life that will fill up the pond of good deeds, drop by drop. And there are still many people alive who are contributing more than a mere drop. Here, we’ll show you some great examples of selflessness that will make you rethink your deeds, and what you can do to help those around you.

20. Cute :)

Comfort can be found anywhere. Look how cute they both look, without a worry in the world! This is how man should live :)

19. Dinner check

A restaurant’s manager remembers his own time when he was a parent, and appreciate a young couple dining at the place

18. Memories!

An elderly woman tips a waiter $20 because he reminds her of her son! What’s the highest do you normally tip?

17. Be a player, not a competitor!

This athlete gave preference to her unwell companion by helping her cross the finish line rather than abandoning her and going for the better spot herself, as any competitor would do. Instad, she choose to be a player, who plays for the sake of playing, and not for the sake of winning.
 that's some sportsmanship!

16. Cute letter and awesome response :)

A little girl writes a letter to a company, and gets a response from the customer services manager. And he is no cheapskate! He sends a gift card to put a smile on the girl’s face :)
cute letter
letter responce

15. Soldier saves child!

A US Marine saves a small child in a fight!

14. Covered in deep!

This person has a hard time keeping afloat during a flood. Yet, a dog that can’t itself has a higher priority! What a great spirit! We need more such selfless people in this world!
covered in deep

13. Shying away!

A random tourist gives a flower to a little girl :). How many of you do that on your vocations?
shying away!

12. Protest no more, ‘It’s my birthday’!

A better way to disperse protesters, don’t you think? Provided that they be as good as the ones below though.
breaking up a protest

11. Spreading the love

This Muslim man wants to invite his neighbors over for dinner while the family will be breaking their fast in the holy month of Ramazan, a courtsey almost extinct these days.
spreading the love

10. Free meals for the homeless!

Amazing! This is something very rare, especially coming from a restaurant / fast food joint.
Free Subway meals

9. Amazing dry cleaners!

Look at this note on a dry cleaning shop, and tell me if it isn’t awesome?
amazing dry cleaners

8. Dog in trouble!

A dog seems to have fallen off a bridge, and into the water. It is in big trouble. But don’t worry. This man will voluntarily jump into the water and save the dog!
dog rescue
dog rescue!

7. Dog rescue!

A sweet, collaborative effort by two boys to get a stranded dog out of a ravine
dog rescue

6. Stranded Kittens!

Here is another display of kindness to animals! The streets are almost shoulder-high flooded in India. It is hard to walk. People are scrambling for higher ground to get away from the water. Yet, this selfless Indian villager is concerned about the lives to some kittens, who would otherwise die! Respect for this man!
Stranded Kittens!

5. Cat rescue!

Pictures of cats being taken care of after being rescued! Look how cute they are :)
cat rescue
cat rescue!

4. Sheep Rescue!

Here are a collection of images of two Norwegian guys risking their lives to rescue a sheep from the ocean! Who says you can only show kindness to humans?
sheep rescu

3. Selfless man

This senior citizen has taken off his slippers in the scorching heat of the sun in Rio de Janeiro so that a homeless girl can have something to put under her feet! The old man will get some new slippers, but that’s the spirit people!
Selfless man!

2. Free books!

Vow! Just vow! This book seller doesn’t care about shop lifters. The books here aren’t exactly free, but according to the sign, you can simply borrow them and keep them. this man is more interested in helping others than filling his own pockets. You’d be beyond heartless to steal from such a place!
free books!

1. Japanese Senoir volunteers

We think this is the best example of selflessness. In light of the Japanese Nuclear disaster after the Tsunami, some senior citizens volunteered to work in the nuclear radiation zone to tackle the crisis, so that the young people, who have a full life ahead of them, don’t need to be exposed to the harmful radiation. God knows the Japanese have had more than their share of Nuclear catastrophies. We salute these senior citizens who put others’ lives before their own!
japanese volunteers

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