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Nirmal Baba and his Marketing Skills

It all started with a formal complaint by two children of an IPS officer and Nirmal Baba was all over the news. Channels were running shows on prime time discussing his credibility. I watched his interview on a news channel and was admiring his way of dodging questions by simply speaking about ‘KIRPA’ (blessings)
in each question which was fired by the anchor and even anchor got irritated of his responses after some time. The whole interview can be summoned only in two-three sentences of how Nirmal Baba was given the extra-abilities by some Shakityan (Powers) and he is distributing it among his followers to make their life easy.
I started to regularly watch his Tv Show to deeply analyze his marketing skills and how he manages to get away with his stupid advices which he give to his followers. For those of you who never watched his show I will give a brief of it.
His show has a regular pattern.. first 10-15 minutes he talks about Shaktiyan (Powers) and tells his followers not to stray from the path of complete devotion otherwise they will not get the Kirpa. Here I found that this is his way out if some claims that he hasn’t got the solution to his problems then he simply says that you lack devotion.
Next 10-15 minutes he gives solutions to the problems of people who usually come from all over India. This part is a hell of comedy show for me.. Let me bring a smile to your faces.. Here are few solutions given by him
  • Each year you must upgrade you Purse ( purchase a more costly each year) to increase your earnings 
  • Only use Black color purse otherwise you will not get any savings from your earnings.
  • One of his follower who was diabetic was advised to eat sweets for one month which resulted him being taken to hospital after few days and merely escaped death.
The above examples just came promptly in my mind and if you want more simply search over internet or watch his programme.
In next part of his program People thank him for his blessing and share their experiences of how their problems were solved after they got attached to Nirmal Baba. Most of the people associate everything good which happened to them with Nirmal Baba. To this I want to tell them that don’t forget that Good things were happening to you even before you started to follow him but now you see it as his blessings.
Well if you applaud him for the good moments in your life then you should also consider him responsible for all the bads which happens to you.
Another thing which got me puzzled was that he insists even those who are watching his show are also getting blessings.. I was wondering that whats his motive on saying this..He charges rs 2000 to only those who come to his Darbar.
After giving due consideration to this I understood that he is simply increasing his followers because a lot of people will think that anything good which happened to them is because they watched his show. So, his fanbase is increasing and so is the attendance in his Darbar.

I am open for any comments … some of his followers may get pissed after reading this but I urge you to think with your mind and believe in you hard work and capabilities rather than putting a blind faith in any Baba


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  1. he asks his followers to oper their purse/wallet and close their eyes and this will give kripa to them