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Top Paying Jobs at Facebook

A company that is not even a decade old has taken the media industry by storm. In a short life span, it has amassed over 900 million users worldwide. When Mark Zuckerberg started the company in a small dormitory at Harvard University, it is likely that he did not think
of the success it would yield. The company having recently gone public via IPO is an evident KPI that substantiates this claim. Nonetheless, the credit does not go to Zuckerberg alone. He had a fantastic idea, some good luck, excellent timing but above all, an awesome team to work with.

Facebook executives are extremely well paid. Ironically, if you are thinking to an internship at Facebook, you might end up bagging a heavy amount. According to the Business Insider, there are numerous roles at Facebook. Who gets more? The techie, geeky corner or the ones who represent the face of the   product? Seemingly, there is somewhat a balance between both categories. Below are 17 positions that are top paid at Facebook. If you fall in any of these categories, you know where to submit your next resume.

17. Account Executive -$62,124 per annum
16. Software Engineering Intern – $74, 700 per annum
15. Product Designer – $ 79,000 per annum
14. Site Reliability Engineer – $80,413 per annum
13. Recruiter – $80,580 per annum
12. Operations Engineer – $82,626 per annum
11. Project Manager – $98,302 per annum
10. Introductory Software Engineer – $100,000 per annum
9.  Software Engineer – $111,562 per annum
8. Business Development Manager – $115,000 per annum
7. Network Engineer – $121,500 per annum
6. Research Scientist – $123,308 per annum
5. Engineering Manager – $123,379 per annum
4. Machine Learning Engineer – $124, 197 per annum
3. User Interface Engineer – $129, 136 per annum
2. Product Manager – $130, 143 per annum
And …
1. Senior Software Engineer – $132, 503 per annum

If you see yourself developing in any of these areas and want to make handsome money, you know what to do next!

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