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What is Cookie Poisoning ?

When we used multiple browser to surfing online, all browsers tracks our all activity as a history and also saved a small piece of information while we are browsing website, which is called as Cookies or Browser Cookies.

The browser cookies has captured a lot of information about us, and retrieved these information when next time we visit the website, Basically we said that, cookies is a small piece of information which is stored in a temporary folders by browser, It is also possible that any one can captured your secure information. So to prevent above situations and to make sure that your privacy is protected, you can used the Privacy Agent.

Privacy Agent is a freeware software which help you to easily remove History Traces, Cache, cookies and saved passwords for all popular browsers(Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari).

Privacy Agent works with all browsers to delete history of the websites you have visited. Whether you want to delete search history Firefox or clear browsing history Chrome; Privacy Agent does the job. Are you a Microsoft fan? Remove Internet history Internet Explorer with Privacy Agent.
The use of the application is also very simple, just download and install the application and start scanning for all supported browsers, and after completed it show you the detailed scan report, select any trace type to wipe and click on the Delete Privacy Traces.

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