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Windows 8 Tablet by Microsoft | Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft has announced its much awaited, iPad killer, Windows 8 tablet, the Microsoft Surface Tablet. Microsoft has been in the computer accessories business since long time, but this is the first time Microsoft has come up with a dedicated hardware product, the Microsoft Surface Tablet.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Features and Specifications

Microsoft Surface Tablet is ultra thin, with a thickness of only 9.3mm and weighs only 1.5 lbs. The casing of the Surface tablet is made up of VaporMg, a special magnesium material developed only for the Surface Tablet. The screen is optically bonded with Gorilla Glass 2. The cover of the Surface tablet is touch enabled and has a keyboard and a trackpad, just like a laptop’s keyboard.
Microsoft Surface Tablet comes with USB 2.0 ports using which you can connect any third party devices, like external hard disk drives, modems, cameras etc. with the it. There is no need for ‘special’ cables.
Microsoft Surface Tablet comes with a pen and comes with built-in handwriting recognition. It also comes with palm block technology, which means that all other touch events on the tablet screen will be ignored when the pen is touching its screen.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Video Preview

Check out the official demo video of Microsoft Surface Tablet Video to see it in action.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Price and Release Date

Microsoft has not yet declared the price of Microsoft Surface Tablet. But it will be probably less then the iPad. The tablet will be released along with Windows 8, so it will available by the end of this year.

Software & Apps For Microsoft Surface Tablet

Unlike Apple and Google, Microsoft has no plans to launch an app marketplace for Surface Tablet. Since it runs on Windows 8, every Windows 8 application will work just fine on it. Although developers may launch special versions of certain applications and games for Microsoft Surface Tablet that work better on smaller screen size.
To find out more about the Microsoft Surface Tablet, you can visit its official website.

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