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48GB free Dropbox storage space for Android Users

Dropbox a popular cloud storage websites comes with an interesting offers for Samsung Galaxy S3 users. Dropbox provides free 48 GB of storage for 2 years for all Galaxy S3 users.

So you can use this free storage to save your pictures, videos, documents etc. but what happens if you don’t  have Galaxy S3, Don’t worry, I’ll provides you a method to grab this offers.

Davidang(XDAA developer member) founded this method for all other android users. So to get this offers follow below steps.

Step 1:- You have a rooted android devices, If not then first root your device.
Step 2:- If you already using Dropbox, then first Un-install it and then proceed.
Step 3:- Now Download CWM S3 Dbox.zip file from here and then unzip these files.
Step 4:- Now move unzip files to right folders(for this you need Root Explorer)-
Step 5:- Now you can use your existing Dropbox account to get additional 48GB.
If you faced any problem then comment below.

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