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Acharya Shri Mahashraman took birth on the 13th of May 1962. Mahashramanji was honoured with the Yuvacharya title by Acharya Mahapragya.

Yuvacharya Mahashraman was hailed as the 11th Acharya of Terapanth Dharmsangh on the 23rd of May 2010 at Sardarshahar (Rajasthan) amid ceremonious celebrations.
Acharya Mahashraman has a great personality radiating both external and internal grace. His aura manifests softness, gentleness, kindness and compassion. He preaches commitment to non violence, morality and social welfare. He firmly believes in respecting all religions, discarding the irrational and incoherent believes that have pledged society from generations.

His tremendous organizational and administrative skills have greatly benefitted the various organisations who work to promote the vision of Terapanth. He inspires allegiance to self Discipline, progress of both self and others .
He is zealously dedicated to the creation of a healthy and prosperous society by removing the ills of society like rigid, oblivious blind beliefs and sacrificial rites. His mission for upliftment of society is to remove un- touch ability, casteism, cheating, intoxication, dowry, female feticide, and many such incoherent practices that have become a part of the society.
Acharya Mahashraman has travelled more than 20,000 KM on foot and meets more than 15,000 people per day during the annual chatrurmas, guiding more than 18,00,000 people in a span of just 4 months. On regular days he meets around 2500 people during his Ahimsa Yatra. This is an astonishing figure considering the strength of over 3,50,000 religious followers, such is the following of Terapanth.
Apart from this there are 700 Sadhus and Sadhvis (Monks & Nuns) who rigorously travel separately across the country approximately covering at least 200 centers a year, traveling 1,500 km in a group. This adds to total 4,000 centers, covering 3,00,000 km & touching millions of people. There are many centers spread across USA, UK, Russia, Europe, Middle East, Far East where the Saman & Samanis (Learned Teachers) show the Terapanth Philosophy to the world.
Over and above this, Terapanth reaches millions of home through digital network across the globe.

Wherever he goes he asks devotees & other people to take these five pledges..
  • I believe in unity of humanity
  • I will never instigate communal disharmony, casteism
  • I will live with peace with every one
  • I will lead life with honesty
  • I will remain free from intoxication

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