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Business Applications For Windows Phone

When you are a business owner, you would want to forever look for new ways to get your business going smooth and good. Off the mainstream office work, one still would want to stay with mobile and look to the important details every now and then. To all those who were worried about staying ahead of off-office tasks,
smartphones to a good extent have handled the situation and Windows phones from the software veteran Microsoft have done it a lot better and the same reason only we could see many making use of the device to stay thawed when many are still on a freeze.

The phone is feature rich, both hardware and the operating system side, but to still get you more to need your specific requirements there are tons of applications and programs you could chose from the big pool available and get your business fresh and every day of your work transformed to a new experience.

UpWise Pro

Its a free app to help with your small to medium sized businesses. This suite gets you an easy got for many the daily tasks you need to do, and that you could get done off your office desk. They got for you web and mobile dual integration with shared stuff, including your various online projects, sales and stock details, digital pr reports, invoices, quotes, contacts and many more. The compatibility it offers lets you make use of its powerful features with a range of correlated systems you need to work with.

Send to Windows Phone 7

A free app just because its quite not a pleasing thing when you can’t find an important file on your computer on a quick access when you want to make from your mobile. The same reason only they got this one application for you, use this application to send something on your desktop in seconds to your windows phone. Now the process that’s nothing more than a click and it’s compatible with most the browsers as IE, Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

WinMilk Task Manager

Another powerful free app you can make use of to stay perfect with all your to-do-tasks, stay out of the slightest chance of missing any. This tasks manager integrated with easy organizable to-do list app syncs with the popular Remember the Milk service. Easy task management, sorting, listing and tagging features. You could get your RTM and roll good with all your tasks.


A free app to help you with all your travel needs. While on the move, you could see this application and the search support it offers bring out look to and fix any your travel requirements. Find the best deals on flights, on road transport, vehicle rentals, hotels and other holiday stuffs.

Hardware is one thing, but the software is what helps you get the most of the available processing power in your hands. Its wise to make the most of it.

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  1. Very helpful, thanks. Not only am I using them, I sent out a memo to all my employees to check them out as well.