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Google Page Rank Tips

Being familiar with Google Page Rank will allow you to optimize your website very effectively and outmaneuver the competition by developing and implementing skills to enhance your website's ability to solicit and elicit maximum efficiency from search engine rankings and users queries.

Google Page Rank Basics

Google Page Rank Technology is a different operation than Google's ranking of websites. Analyzing all of the countless documents on the web is a huge job, even for Google. In order to do this, Google has designed Page Rank technology in order to determine which pages are most important on the web and designate them with a higher ranking. The way this works is on an algorithm scale from zero to ten, with ten being the highest.

In an effort to gain higher Google Page Rank status, web users have focused on achieving website recognition by Google to ultimately reap higher rankings. To get a high Page Rank on your website, you must locate other websites with high Page Rank and then have them link to your website. The higher Page Rank your website partner has, the more likely your Page Rank will increase for your website. This will not only affect your homepage, but your internal ones as well.

Developing Link Relevancy

For high Google Page Rank, it's critical to have trusted websites link to your website to build credibility for your website and obtain the links which have high relevancy. If t the linked pages have similar themes, the relevancy will be higher. For instance, If you have a website that sells bicycles and you get a link from a page about bike tours, then you would have a relevant page. Relevancy is measured from webpage A to webpage B and does not cover the complete website. Links from related pages are ok even if the website itself is not about the relevant topic. Finding thematically related pages to link to you will increase your overall ranking in Google.

Page Rank Sculpting and Page Rank Hoarding

Development of your website sometimes call for omission of web pages which you don’t want to be linked to, because they will decrease the probability of your Page Rank increasing to the specific pages that you want. This method of choosing which pages you want to receive link relevancy from to your pages is called Page Rank Sculpting. Some reasons for this are.
  1. To avoid people who place comments on your and include links directing users to their own websites.
  2. To regulate websites you are linked out to, but don’t have high trust in.
  3. To prevent linking to internal pages that really have no importance in relation to SERPs.
Notifying search engines to not pass any Page Rank or any "anchor text" relevancy l to those pages you have deemed not worthy for whatever reason, you can use the rel=no follow tags when you hyperlink a page. Johan Hedin, an SEO entrepreneur, says, "The major reason why the search engines started to adopt the rel=no follow tag in their algorithms is because the blog and forum spammers can simply put in any anchor text link comments on the blogs/forums to boost their link popularity. This will artificially create lots of inbound links for their websites, which in turn boosts their ranking for those keyword phrases"(Hedin).

Google and the other search engines are constantly developing methods to screen out spammers and scammers and consistently implementing newer techniques which are very effective in fighting this phenomenon. In the future, authority of authors, bloggers and other writers will determine the ranking of websites in an effort to create a beneficial environment for all users.

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