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Google Scientific Calculator

Next time, you need to do a quick calculation, you can head to Google. The search giant has added a scientific calculator to its varied array of features.
The company's new 34-button calculator appears the moment you type in the word "calculator" or a mathematical expression say "4x5" into the search box.

The calculator gives users ability to do everything from arithmetic to trigonometric calculations. The calculator has functions for calculating sines, cosines, square roots and tangents as well as also dedicated buttons for Pi and Euler's number.

Not just this, Users can also use Google's voice search feature -- found in mobile version and in Chrome browser -- to do calculations without actually touching keyboard.

The search giant has also announced its Panda algorithm update (version 3.9) via its official Twitter account.

Launched in February 2011, Panda is aimed to lower the ranks of low-quality websites and list high-quality sites close to the top of the search results.

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