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How to Get extra free Space on Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage, syncing and backup service. The company recently announced 5GB free storage for your camera photos. Now, its time for something BIG! I have come across a way to get 23GB extra free space. That means if you earlier has 18GB free space, 23GB will be added in to your account and you will enjoy 41GB free storage on Dropbox.
I am not sure either this trick violates the terms and condition or not however if Dropbox finds you in violation of their TOS, they might terminate your account, so proceed at your own risk.
You can get  extra 23GB free Dropbox space within few minutes by following these 4 steps. You require an Android mobile for this.

Steps to Get 23GB free Dropbox free space

  • If you have already installed Dropbox on your android device, UNINSTALL dropbox first. Simple press Force close and then Uninstall from Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Dropbox
  • Download and install this version of Dropbox on your android device. Dont forget to enable Unknown sources under Settings > Applications or Settings > Security (on ICS) before installing this application.
  • Once you have installed successfully, launch and login Dropbox using your login information
  • Thats it! Soon you will receive an email about 23GB free space. Email might take up to 10 minutes. Email will look like this;

You can now uninstall this app and install the fresh Dropbox app from Google Play (a.k.a. Android market). Sadly! This 23GB free space is not forever, its only for 2 years as its a promotion.

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