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17 year old girl stripped, molested and beaten on the streets of Guwahati. AS THE POWERFUL AND RESPONSIBLE YOUTH OF INDIA WE URGE YOU TO RAISE YOUR VOICES AGAINST THIS SHAMEFUL ACT


In Guwahati, a young teenage girl, aged 17, was stripped, beaten & molested by a group of around 20 people in front of a huge mob who helplessly witnessed the whole act. This entire incident was shot on tape and circulated within minutes of the crime and only then were the police alerted and came to her rescue .Most of the identified (13) have been arrested, apparently. One of them is absconding and is believed to have strong bureaucratic links and is untraceable. The Assam DGP Jayanta N Chaudhary, however, has promised action against all accused.

In retaliation to the whole political soup, Satya Pal Anand , an 82 year old man has moved the supreme court & filed a petition for the victim to receive compensation worth 27 lakh and most importantly filed to dismiss the Assam government for allegedly

“Failing to function in accordance with the Constitution of India.”

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