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The World’s Largest Mobile Phone Manufacturers?

There are different ways to measure the size of a company. There’s a general consensus on what companies are the most influential businesses in the mobile phone industry.
These firms are notable for a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, they aren’t in any one single geographical location. Mobile devices now have users all across the globe, and the manufacturers represent this global presence.

Finland is Home to the Largest Company

Even though some people suggest that Nokia has hit some rough spots, many consider them the single biggest cell phone manufacturer in the world. Though often confused for a Japanese company, Nokia is actually European. The Finnish manufacturer may very well account for around a third of all the world’s new cellular phones.

Even though various other companies may have more illustrious smartphone products, Nokia holds a dominant position. Many of Nokia’s products are just as capable as anyone else’s, and they’ve been in the industry for years. What might make their position even more interesting is the fact that many popular cell phone apps are from their home country.

A Match Made in Scandinavia and Japan

Scandinavia has another mobile phone firm, though it’s shared with a Japanese conglomerate. Sony Ericsson is every bit as international as it’s name suggests. They became quite notable for the release of the Sony Ericsson W810i.

The device featured downloadable Java games, as well as a standard FM radio player. This might not look like much, but it meant that music fans could enjoy radio stations along side digital music. Many consider the phone’s thin film transistor display to be revolutionary in cellular phone design.

Motorola Phones

Motorola is notable for some of their aggressive advertising campaigns. Nokia was notable for producing no frills models like the Nokia 1600 and the 1990s-era Nokia 8210. The model remains one of the smallest phones ever made.

Motorola, on the other hand, is synonymous with the Razr. Nevertheless, they’ve also produced some no frills models. It’s important to have all of the price points covered.

Other Asian Countries Enter the Market

Samsung and LG are both major players, and they both represent Korean business interests. Samsung is notable for various innovations, and their SGH-E900 was a landmark device. It featured a tri-band telephone system for use in Europe, the USA and Canada.

LG and Samsung also have something else besides nationality in common. Both firms are notable for a wide variety of other products. Samsung has even been involved in shipbuilding. HTC, a Taiwanese company, has a also emerged as a strong competitors in the cell phone manufacturing space.


  1. According to me Nokia is one of the best, their devices are strong and powerful in every medium to which no one can beat it.

  2. Samsung ruling the worlds mobile market with great mobiles.