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Why the New iPad is a Game Changer

The iPad has been a trendsetter, revolutionizing the tablet industry. But the latest innovation from Apple sets the product further apart from its competitors. Here are just five of the reasons why the newest pad, which many refer to as the iPad HD or iPad 3 is a game changer.

Image Quality

The new iPad HD allows for detail previously unheard of in mobile technology, even in some of the most expensive television sets. The latest iPad’s Retina Display is one of the biggest reasons why the device has become a game changer in tablets. A good HDTV may contain 1080p, but the iPad will have more pixels, allowing for image quality that most could hardly imagine in just a 9.7-inch screen.
This makes for incredibly crisp visuals, and whether it is displaying video, photos or graphics, most users will probably find it difficult to spot even a single pixel on the screen, even at very close range. This also means that with Apple Facetime, video of friends or family may be even clearer than video on a television at home.
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4G Speed & Hardware

Unlike previous models, the iPad HD has 4g wireless connectivity, which means faster connection speeds on 4G networks. While older models and other tablets are largely confined to 3G or wifi connections, the iPad HD can speed through the Internet from nearly anywhere.
Having a better display and more capabilities meant that Apple had to keep the speed that the iPad 2 was known for, and if at all possible, improve upon it. The new iPad uses a dual-core ARM processor for all of its main duties, but the focus for souping up Apple’s newest tablet came in the form of the graphics component, which now has a quad-core display driver that out-performs anything available in the competition’s tablets.

Larger Battery

With the amount of technology that is packed into the iPad HD, Apple also ensured it would step up the battery life. Users should expect around 10 hours of battery life under average use.
Even under heavy use, users will probably still not need to charge the battery more than once a day, which is fairly impressive, given everything that the device can do and how taxing that could become on the average tablet.
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Steady Price

Despite the improvements to the new iPad, Apple is sticking to its traditional price breakdowns, though wireless modes cost about $100 more than their non-wireless counterparts.
Like all previous iPads, the new iPad HD starts at $399 for the 16 GB model. While many other companies would have increased the price with the addition of this new technology, Apple has kept its pricing tiers consistent just as it has done with the iPod and iPhone.
Those in the market for a tablet but are more budget conscious, may want to consider the lower cost of an iPad 2. However, be sure to compare its features to Apple’s latest tablet. 2012 may very well be the year of the tablet as Microsoft introduces its new “Surface” tablet, which is a direct competitor to the iPad and will go on sale later this year.

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