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Bank of America Mobile Banking Android Apps Feature

The largest bank in America; Bank of America has finally got a feature to remotely deposit checks to your bank using your Android device. Several other banks already had this feature for a while, but the latest update for Bank of America, which was rolled out today, now allows users to deposit checks using their mobile phones or tablets.
While several other banks like Chase already had this feature for ages, BofA was the only bank which did not have it. Today’s update to the Bank of America app adds the following features:
- Make check deposits
- Choose the BankAmeriDeals™ you want, and earn cash back
- Receive Bank of America Alerts as push notifications
- Securely send money to others, using their mobile number or email address (requires enrollment)
I am definitely happy with this update because it was definitely becoming a pain lugging around those checks to an ATM or bank branch just to deposit. Finally, I can now deposit checks to Bank of America while I am lazing around in my house.

You can get the latest features by updating the app on your device or by download it from Google Play.

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