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Facebook Forcing Employees To Use Android Phones

Facebook’s mobile application is better known as an ‘awfully slow’ app, and if you’re one among those half billion people using it, you already know that there are no better words to describe the application.
Thankfully iOS users can now breathe a sigh of relief as the social networking giant has finally released a tweaked version of Facebook for iOS app that is completely rewritten from scratch making it work 2x
faster, with quicker launch of updates and faster loading of photo. Android users were expecting a similar update, however, to their misfortune the company just released yet another small update, which only aroused more frustrations and worries.
Many Android users complained stating that the app seemingly crashed several times after the latest update, and yes, I completely agree with those complaints as I’ve been facing the same problem a multiple times since I updated it last night.
Mark Zuckerberg announced the release of Facebook 5.0 for iOS in a post on Facebook, and when asked about the Android update, he said that it was not completely rewritten as the iOS application and was just another regular update with new features included.

The new features added to latest Facebook for Android update includes the ability to easily create events from the app, share photos faster with a new upload process, and emoji to messages. But the app is still buggy and crashes more often than before.
Zuckerberg himself isn’t pleased with how the development of the Android for Facebook app is going on, and the CEO believes that the only way to set things right is by forcing the designers and developers to use the Android version, so they realize how ‘subpar’ and worthless the app is, when compared to the iOS application.
That being said, I don’t seem to understand on what’s stopping Facebook app developers from releasing a similar update for Android as the iOS? Do they really need that push from the CEO to get them use the app forcibly so as they completely understand the woes of Android users? Or, are they completely ignoring it?
Are you an Android user using the official Facebook app on your phone or tablet? Have you faced any problems after the update? How do you feel knowing that iPhone users are getting a better and faster social networking experience on their smart devices?

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