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Facebook to make timeline feature mandatory from Aug 8

Social networking giant Facebook will now make it mandatory for people to use its new profile page Timeline.
Timeline allows members to tell the story of their life on a single page, in less than a week's time.

Until now, the change to the new-look Facebook has been voluntary, but the site's 800 million users around the world no longer have a choice as Timeline will be made compulsory from August 8.
According to the Telegraph, users who have yet to switch to the new look are being served a preview of their redesigned profile.
Timeline allows users a much more visually impactful profile and the ability to share the story of their whole lives.
Some users have, however, expressed disappointment over the forced change.
"I'm sorry but this is rubbish. I'm surprised Facebook hasn't included a compulsory DNA profile section (default to public obviously)," a user said. (ANI)