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Ipad Features that distinguish it from others

When we talk about tablets there is a name that comes on everyone’s mind the “Apple ipad”. The Apple ipad was the trendsetter in the tablet market it is because of this device tablet market exploded the way it is now. Back in time no one used to care about tablet computer,
but with the advent of ipad tablets are now everywhere. With time passing few competitors of the Apple ipad have arrived the main competition that the ipad is from the android tablets which are which are cheaper than the ipad. Nowadays, you will find a tablet being launched every single week or so but there are some features that makes these android tablet is different from the Apple ipad.
1. Both of these devices offer you to download and install applications from their respective markets namely Google play and iTunes. The difference lies in the fact that in an android powered device you can download applications from outside the Google play but the ipad does not support apps from the outside market, it only supports apps that are from iTunes.
2. The biggest reason of the success of android tablets is that they’re available in all price points. You can find a tablet as cheap as $ 200 or $100 and as expensive as $ 400 to$ 500. Same flexibility is not seen in the ipad, Apple offers ipad in the different memory versions of 8, 16, 32 and 64. The price of ipad is dependent upon the memory the higher you go the higher your pay.
3. Screen size: one of the biggest advantages of buying an android tablet is that there are various screen sizes to choose from. You can find a tablet as small as7 inches to as large as 11 inches. The same thing is not seen in ipad as it comes in a single screen size.
4. Android tablets have lot of connectivity options namely GPS, NFC, Bluetooth, WI-Fi, 3G, 4G and others the same is not seen in ipad. Ipad only offers features such as GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; in the latest version of ipad they have offered 4G connectivity.
5. Only place where android tablets are lacking is the quantity of applications in the market. The iTunes store has far more applications that are customized for tablet usage. But with the speed android market is expanding expect more apps for the android tablets.

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  1. Few years back no one was knowing about tablets but now world knows what the tablet is and how it get raised. Apple tablets are now everywhere and making a good space in the market today.