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Microsoft Planning 3 Million Surface Tablets

As the launch date for the Microsoft Surface nears, speculation about the tablet, including its pricing and production has started. IDC has kicked off the race to guess the pricing and estimated production volumes. It expects Microsoft to build more than 3 million units of the Surface tablet in the initial run.
It also thinks that Microsoft may launch a $199 version of the Surface RT tablet with a two year subscription, as well as a $599 version which can be bought outright.
The hypothetical $199 variant would come with a subscription bundle combining Microsoft’s Office, Music and Video offerings.
However, pricing the Surface at such a low price point might anger its other device partners who would have to price their products much higher to not lose money on device sales.
We’ll see more details about the Microsoft Surface in October, when it is launched along with Windows 8. While the device is really impressive, Microsoft may be too late to the party. However, if Microsoft is able to price the Surface RT tablet below the iPad and closer to the Google Nexus tablet, it might be able to wrest some tablet market share out of Google’s and Apple’s hands.

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