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Track And Recover Your Lost or Stolen Android Mobile Phone

“Has anyone seen my phone?” When was the last time you asked this question with a panic-stricken voice? Today’s mobile phones are jam-packed with incredible amounts of vital personal information, including bank account information,
credit card details, usernames and passwords of important online services like email accounts, Facebook account etc. Your phone may even store your friends’ and family’s personal information.
Losing your Android Phone is like losing your purse with your laptop inside of it. Then, when it comes to lost cell phones, the phone companies want to charge an arm and a leg for a replacement, and the police seem to have better things to do with their time than chase down everyone’s lost cell phones.
Nobody would like to go through this feeling of loosing a mobile phone, so while you are reading this article, grab your Android phone or Android device and get ready to download some Android apps to be prepared for the worst in advance.
Where’s My Droid? What is the first thing that everyone does when they lose their smartphone? Of course, they pick up another phone and dial their cell phone number, only to vaguely remember that the last time they used it, the ringer was off.
This is when Where’s My Droid Android app comes in for the rescue! When you lose your phone, text your cell number with the “attention” word from another phone and the app will turn up the volume on your Android so you can hear it ring!
So, simply download Where’s My Droid Android app and install it, select the attention words, and then set the ring time length just in case you misplace your phone.