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Google Navigation is Now Available In India

Google Navigation is undoubtedly one of the best navigation (and free!) services available out there for Android. However, like most of the Google services out there, Google Navigation is only available in the United States, Canada and a few other regions of the world.

Today, Google has silently rolled out its Navigation feature to Android users in India. Rumors of the service coming to India started floating around since yesterday, when Google India uploaded a video that demonstrated the Navigation feature working in India.

In a country with more than a billion people, and millions of Android handset owners, this move from Google will definitely be appreciated by a lot of people. The Navigation service, itself, still remains in beta though.
This move from Google has also effectively killed the local sat-nav. GPS providers in India including MapMyIndia. While the maps from MapMyIndia and other such services might be more detailed and accurate, the free price tag of Google Maps and its Navigation service is too good to be ignored.

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