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How to connect to BSNL Wireless Broadband in MAC

Being new to the Mac, everything thats simple in windows seems to be much complicated in Mac. But experience says Mac is much simpler than windows. In this article I will share my experience of creating a broadband connection and I used BSNL wireless router for doing it. So, lets continue with the tutorial.
1. First things first, turn on your Mac Airport.

2. The BSNL modem by default transmits the signal using a default name (bsnl_ap in my case). By default the password to this connection is 1234512345.
3. To change the name and password, you can go to in your system and change the name and WEP passphrase.
4. Now that you are connected to the Wireless signal, now you need to connect to the internet. To do that you need to open System Preferences.
5. Click on the internet and then click '+' (add new connection) button at the left bottom of the interface.
6. After clicking the + button you will get a popup interface. Fill in the details as shown in the picture below.
7. After creating the connection, you will find the new network in the side bar and interface for asking the credentials at the right pane. Once you enter the credentials supplied by your ISP you will be able to access the internet and you can see the icon in the apple bar on the top.
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