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How to get WhatsApp Subscription free for 10 Years | WhatsApp free

Get WhatsApp Subscription for 10 Years
WhatsApp doesn’t need Any Introduction, as It is the most popular and Heavily used for texting instead of SMS. Whatsapp is the NO.1 SMS Killer. I am sure almost every person who Loves SMSing and Chatting must be Using whatsapp.
You Might be noticing Their Service Was Free and also There were NO Ads in it. but now as the company is providing constant Support  to its Application they have started Paid WhatsApp SubscriptionSo from Now Whatsapp Said on their Official blog, it is free to Try for 1 Year. after that you will have to buy it or Subscribe its premium Plans in order to use this Service. But Still there is A Bug but which you can get WhatsApp Subscription for 10 Years FREE.

WhatsApp Subscription for 10 Years

To be Honest WhatsApp is my Favorite. their are also other alternative, But nothing is so unique and Simple Like Whatsapp. Only for Apple Products, Whatsapp is free, but for others you will be charged after a year. the Cost is extermly Low, Just 0.99$ per year after your Service is ended. But in case if you don’t have the desired payment options or want it Completely Free, Then it is better to Do this Simple trick and Get WhatsApp Subscription for 10 Years
There is no trick here, Just there is Some Bug, so we can take benefit from it and get WhatsApp Subscription Free for 10 years , Just you need to have any Apple gated like Iphone and Ipad, Lets see how to Do it
Requirements for getting WhatsApp for 10 Years
  • An Iphone, or Ipad
  • Any Other Device may be Nokia, Android, blackberry or Windows phone
  • Luck, Patience.
Steps to Get  WhatsApp Subscription for 10 Years
  1. First you need to Delete you WhatsApp Account from your Phone.
  2. now you will need to look for a Friend or Anyone who has Apple Iphone or Ipad Any Version it may be
  3. Then you need to Register WhatsApp with your Number on his Iphone or Ipad.
  4. Now After entering you Number on Iphone/Ipad, you will get a Verification code on your Mobile, Just  Check your inbox, and Enter the Verification code on Iphone/Ipad
  5. After these Steps WhatsApp will load and Start on Iphone, just Check WhatsApp Account and it will have Paid Subscription will 2022.

Now Final Step: By this You have got Paid WhatsApp Subscription till 10 years.
Now you Simple Need to Delete your Account from Iphone/Ipad. and Simply Then downlaod the WhatsApp on Any Device which it supports and Enter your Number then verify It. you will see you have got 10 Years of WhatsApp Free.

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