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How to Recover Disabled Facebook Account registered billions of accounts and millions of people open their account daily to connect with friends, family and to discover new friends.

Do You Know Why your facebook account is disabled?
FB will disable accounts due to, if you make account name with fake name and if you break facebook terms and conditions. Here below Cyber Elite have listed some major reasons why facebook disable accounts.

1.Having more than 1 account.

2.Spamming on groups/pages.

3.Fake information on your profile.

4.If you receive multiple reports from facebookers/friends.

How to restore your FB Account?

To Enable your account you need your passport or driving licence (DL). In appeal form you should upload your scanned passport copy or DL.

1.Go to this link :-

2.Click on Yes button, And fill your full name, email id and date of birth.

3.And Upload your scanned color copy of ID. (passport or DL)

4.Click on Send button.

5. You Are Done Enjoy your recovered Account

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