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World Cup 2015 One Day Cricket fiesta in 2015 announced

The other favourite for the semis from this pool is South Africa. The South Africans do have a point to prove for they are considered to be the World Cup chokers. However the other team which is also considered as a favourite is Pakistan. Since South Africa won the series against Pakistan in early 2013, they do have a certain psychological advantage. But experts have said that the win was not convincing and even though DeVilliers may be proud of his boys .Some say that the win was more because of mistakes comitted by the Pakistanis than by team effort. All in all this pool promises some good and competitive cricket.

The other pool i.e pool-A is the pool of death. It has 4 good teams vying for 2 spots in the semis. While Australia and New Zealand have the advantage of playing under home conditions and with the crowd support, the other two teams, i.e England and Sri Lanka have been playing good cricket for some time now. England led by the charismatic Alastair Cook has already tasted blood by successively defeating the Aussies in 2 tests at the Ashes. The English team has rallied behind their captain and with the fighting spirit that they have shown in the Ashes, they are not only the favourites for semis but also for the finals as well.
Sri Lanka too are playing well and it would not be a surprise to see them in the semis.  They have successfully beaten the South Africans during the recent South African tour of Sri Lanka and are high on confidence.

Australia, the once mighty force in the stadiums of world cricket has been reduced to ashes. However as anybody who knows cricket will tell, fortunes can revive in a span of a few matches. The Aussie team this time is playing under home conditions and with the crowd cheering them. This does bode well for them and if they can re-kindle that winning spark, then perhaps even they can make it to the semis. The Australian coach Darren Lehmann does have his work cut out it seems .
The 2015 world cup announcement yesterday renewed the love and passion for cricket all around the world. Predictions started all over and the media jumped in with a blitz of reports and interviews. Now only time can tell what is to come. However one thing is for certain that some great games and a few thrilling duels are in store in 2015. 
Keep watching! POOL A POOL B
February 14 Sri Lanka vs New Zealand Christchurch
February 14 England vs Australia Melbourne
February 15 South Africa vs Zimbabwe Hamilton
February 15 India vs Pakistan Adelaide
February 16 West Indies vs Ireland Nelson
February 17 New Zealand vs Qualifier 3 Dunedin
February 18 Bangladesh vs Qualifier 2 Canberra
February 19 Zimbabwe vs Qualifier 4 Nelson
February 20 England vs New Zealand Wellington
February 21 Pakistan vs West Indies Christchurch
February 21 Australia vs Bangladesh Brisbane
February 22 Sri Lanka vs Qualifier 2 Dunedin
February 22 India vs South Africa Melbourne
February 23 England vs Qualifier 3 Christchurch
February 24 West Indies vs Zimbabwe Canberra
February 25 Ireland vs Qualifier 4 Brisbane
February 26 Qualifier 2 vs Qualifier 3 Dunedin
February 26 Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh Melbourne
February 27 South Africa vs West Indies Sydney
February 28 Australia vs New Zealand Auckland
February 28 India vs Qualifier 4 Perth
March 1 England vs Sri Lanka Wellington
March 1 Pakistan vs Zimbabwe Brisbane
March 3 South Africa vs Ireland Canberra
March 4 Pakistan vs Qualifier 4 Napier
March 4 Australia vs Qualifier 2 Perth
March 5 Bangladesh vs Qualifier 3 Nelson
March 6 India vs West Indies Perth
March 7 South Africa vs Pakistan Auckland
March 7 Zimbabwe vs Ireland Hobart
March 8 New Zealand vs Qualifier 2 Napier
March 8 Australia vs Sri Lanka Sydney
March 9 England vs Bangladesh Adelaide
March 10 India vs Ireland Hamilton
March 11 Sri Lanka vs Qualifer 3 Hobart
March 12 South Africa vs Qualifier 4 Wellington
March 13 Bangladesh vs New Zealand Hamilton
March 13 England vs Qualifier 2 Sydney
March 14 India vs Zimbabwe Auckland
March 14 Australia vs Qualifier 3 Hobart
March 15 West Indies vs Qualifier 4 Napier
March 15 Pakistan vs Ireland Adelaide
March 18 Quarterfinal 1 Sydney
March 19 Quarterfinal 2 Melbourne
March 20 Quarterfinal 3 Adelaide
March 21 Quarterfinal 4 Wellington
March 24 Semifinal 1 Auckland
March 25 Semifinal 2 Sydney
March 29 Final Melbourne

!!! Waiting for the same again in 2015 !!!

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